FKA Kleen™

Galley Drain and Surface Cleaner

A highly- effective cleaner and degreaser of food fats and grease contamination on hard surfaces and within drain systems.

FKA Kleen™ bioremediates food fats, oils and greases, removing them totally and leaving a fat-free surface.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Reduction of food fat and grease contamination
  • Non hazardous to the environment

Suggested uses

Aircraft drains and galleys; transportation galley areas; industrial kitchen floor surfaces; in fact anywhere with a surface that has a coating of food fats, oils or greases.

How to use

Easy to use – FKA Kleen™ is supplied as a concentrate.

Simply dilute with water (minimum dilution: 15 parts water to 1 part FleetKleen™), apply with pressure washer, scrubber drier (on floors), manual sprayer or stiff brush – the agitation increases the effectiveness. For transportation galley drains a dosage bottle is supplied with application specific to the environment. Further details available on request.

Product Information

Non-hazardous to the environment: pH Neutral, biodegradable and sustainable

Boeing and Airbus certificated.

FKA Kleen™ is supplied in: 20L Case (2 x 10L bottles) & 1L bottles (Case of 12 bottles)

FKA Kleen

FKA Kleen 20L Case (2 x 10L bottles) & 1L bottles (Case of 12 bottles)