Absorbent Powder

A highly- absorbent powder with bioremedial properties for use on hydrocarbon spills on hard surfaces to leave a slip-free surface.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Non hazardous to the environment

Suggested uses

Tool shops; industrial workshops; fuelling and lubrication areas; vehicle washing and maintenance areas; in fact anywhere with a hard surface that has a hydrocarbon spill.

How to use

Easy to use – SpillAway+™ is supplied as a powder in a container.

Simply sprinkle or pour liberally, so that the spill is easily covered) over the hydrocarbon spill. The powder turns to dark grey when the oil has been absorbed, then simply scoop up the powder and put it back into the container (with the clean powder). The powder is highly-absorbent and can be used over and over, until totally saturated.

When the absorbent is totally saturated place in a drum, add water and agitate to activate the microbes. After they have eaten the oil (most of it has gone after 48 hours) the material can be disposed of as normal waste.

Product Information

Non-hazardous for the environment: pH Neutral

SpillAway+™ is supplied in: One 18kg Case (4 x 4.5kg jugs) & 11.3kg Pail


SpillAway+ 11.3kg Pail